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"We are a minority too!"


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"Yeah, us too!"

-serial killers

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This is the most cryptic, horrifying text my roommate has ever sent me I have no idea what he’s talking about

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Watch: Fiona Apple Refused to Let Panic! At the Disco Sample "Every Single Night"






In the interview, Urie says he loves her, calls her a “bitch,” and then plays the original version of the song (which was initially called, ugh, “Bad Apple”) with Fiona’s vocals.

wow this really pisses me off - what an asshole

of course a woman is a bitch for telling him no

of course he thinks the idea of releasing the song without her permission online would be a “move’

and can’t respect her decision to say no to using a sample - i’m sure she’s not the first to decline something like that

just wtf

just a pointer to any male followers: shit like this is NOT checking your male privilege - it goes beyond him using the “bitch” slur and into how it’s so easy to characterize a woman as bitter and horrible and stuck up just for refusing you something - and you will be sympathized with and she will be maligned- you have that power

i am offended on every level

fiona is a national treasure and that guy is in a terrible shitemo band that no one has cared about in this decade

I AM SO ENRAGED how dare he even think of omg

I hope every time he passes a coffee table he barks his shins really hard for the rest of his life, what a disrespectful fuck

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Whenever your faith in people is lost, remember these pictures.

the one about the wheelchair park hits me in the fucking heart.

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Boy hugs shinji ikari in the medicine aisle

aa - birth and death (2013)



This was one of the best things to ever happen on television


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